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Our Story

My name is Rebecca, the sommelier here! I have been working in the Texas wine industry for over a decade, and have spent the last seven years as the COO of one of Texas’ most esteemed wineries. I have a degree in viticulture that serves as a foundation for my passion, and that passion is to share local wines, to showcase the people who grow the fruit, make the wine, and best serve the people who drink it. I started J.W. Hardin Wine Co. because I wanted to share the tastes of Texas Wine with the world! 

The first vineyard in the United States of America was planted here in 1662; paving the way for the North American Wine industry as we know it. This state is home to some of the most diverse soils, climates, and in terms of wine it just has so much to offer. In the day and age of getting to know your food and beverage, who grew it? What's in it? I want to introduce you to the world of Texas Wine in a way that wasn’t possible before J.W. Hardin Wine Co. 

I founded this company with a desire to bring wine lovers a diverse subscription box that tells a bigger story about Texas Wine and the people that make it. We’re here to be your partner and trusted source to turn to, we’re here to help you discover personalized collections of the finest wines Texas has to offer.   

Texas is the new frontier of wine making - but its peoples pioneering relationship with vino is storied and steeped in history. Each month I hand pick unique and delicious wines from across the state, wines that ship directly to your door. My goal is to make sure you enjoy everything Texas wine has to offer!